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The UF-5000, based on Sysmex’s globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), represents the latest in urinalysis technology. It can be used as a standalone analyser, or as part of the modular UN-Series for a truly walkaway, seamless urinalysis workplace solution from sample loading to the final digital image. Load and leave

Greater diagnostic significance

Body Fluids

The new technology opens up many previously closed diagnostic avenues. The integrated body fluid mode is available at the flick of a switch and delivers seven diagnostic parameters in BF mode. Meningitis with low cell-/bacterial counts can be detected, and the differentiation into bacterial or viral infections is possible through the WBC differentiation and bacterial count.
Bacterial detection

Further diagnostic significance is obtained thanks to the new blue laser, which ensures better bacterial detection. Bacteria are addressed further with the new RFID dye reagents, thanks to more accurate measurement and differentiation.

UTI infections

The new Gram pos / Gram negative flag provides valuable information as to which antibiotic to prescribe to the patient with a UTI infection. The UF offers a faster and far easier way than the classic gram staining to provide the same information. You can now identify UTIs fast and reliably.


In the past it has been tricky to differentiate RBC and crystals. This is solved thanks to the depolarised side scatter light in the FFC so that you can better determine whether the patient is suffering from haematuria, and if so, to which degree. The analyser will now also differentiate epithelial cells and casts.

It offers a total of seventeen parameters in urine mode.


Although of course the UF-5000 can be used as an excellent standalone analyser, it truly lives up to its potential as an integral part of the UN-Series in a load and leave configuration. Place the samples in the rack, and simply let the overall configuration do its work. If the samples are negative, all the better. If they need a closer look, you can receive digital images from our UD-10.


Technical Specifications
  • Fluorescence flow cytometry with blue semiconductor laser and hydrodynamic focussing
Aspiration volumes
  • 0.45 mL in sampler mode,
  • 0.45 mL in STAT mode (urine and body fluid)
Minimum required volumes
  • 2 mL in sampler mode (urine)
  • 0.6 mL in STAT mode (urine and body fluid)
  • Urine: 105 samples/h (max.)  
  • Body fluid: 20 samples/h (max.)        
  • UF-4000:
  • Urine: 80 samples /h (max.)                        
  • Body fluid: 15 samples /h (max.)
  • Urine: 27 parameters
  • Body fluid: 9 parameters
  • Urine, body fluid
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