Sysmex West & Central Africa

About us

Established on 28 October 2015, Sysmex West and Central Africa Ltd (SWCA) is an affiliate of Sysmex Europe SE, which is a subsidiary of the Sysmex Corporation. It operates additional offices in Nigeria and Burkina Faso through Sysmex Nigeria Healthcare Ltd and Sysmex Burkina Faso S.A.R.L., respectively.

As Sysmex’s regional hub, SWCA offers second-level support to Sysmex companies and partners in the development of innovative and high-quality diagnostics solutions. Our focus is on in vitro diagnostics, notably in the areas of haematology, urinalysis and life sciences. Following the establishment of our offices in Ghana, we have become one of the leading laboratory diagnostics companies in West and Central Africa, supplying our products to laboratories that operate in close proximity to patients. Driven by a spirit of continuous innovation, we aim to deliver the best possible healthcare solutions to patients in the region. Our clinical equipment unlocks greater operating capacities for laboratory technicians and doctors alike, improving the quality of care while reducing costs to the patient.

Our local vision

We will be the premier laboratory diagnostics and healthcare company in West and Central Africa by providing high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to medical laboratories that empower them to reach peak operational efficiency, safeguard public health through access to our latest diagnostic tests, and support the hospital systems’ ability to operate at optimum output.

Sysmex in Burkina Faso

Sysmex Burkina Faso Sarl

Sysmex Burkina Faso's mission is to distribute Sysmex products in Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea Bissau. I Its dedicated technical department oversees the correct installation of our biomedical equipment and the training of users while ensuring the equipment’s continued proper functioning through regular and rigorous monitoring.

Sysmex in Nigeria

Sysmex Healthcare Ltd, Nigeria

Our office in Nigeria gives support to local Sysmex distributors ​ whilst focusing on second-level support for our distributor team.

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