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HSBA programme process

One of reasons for our success as a company is that we love knowledge. It’s important to us that we really know what we are doing – in all facets of our business. We love learning and achieve what we do by always striving to be and do better. This is also reflected in our training programmes, including our three-year dual study programme. We work together closely with the Hamburg School of Business Administration, or HSBA, to offer a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. 

Three years may seem like a long time, but it usually passes far faster than you might expect. As soon as you have been introduced to the departments and your colleagues, the first projects will be waiting for you. You may start in a group of students and trainees, or alone in the departments. In the first year, you’ll get to know all the departments involved in our core business processes so that you get a general picture of how things work here.

First year

It’s important to us that you understand the connections between the different departments, as this is the only way you’ll understand how the whole system works for the practical stages of your training. You’ll only really get the big picture if you understand the procedures and work processes. This is the objective during the first year of training in all apprenticeships and dual study courses.

Second year

In the second year, you get to know additional departments, which are equally important parts of the process chain. Here, you will be in charge of small projects and perhaps discover a topic for your project thesis – this will be part of the theory phase at university during the second year.

Third year

In the third year, you broaden your expertise in a maximum of two other departments at Sysmex. At this point, we will decide together in which department you are going to write your bachelor thesis, and what subject it will cover. Ideally, we will lay the foundation for your professional career with Sysmex here – so we will take a close look which department offers the best opportunity for a career entry.

And then...

That’s how fast the studies are over. So now what?

Of course the decision to stay with us has always been in your hands, and it always remains so. Our goal throughout your training, however, will have been to train professionals for our company. If we are all happy with one another, we hope we will be able to continue our relationship, and that you, now as a trained specialists, will be looking to embark on a career with us. Of course, we cannot promise anything but we try to facilitate your goals and wishes as far as possible! In the end, it’s all about the chemistry between you and us as a company. Experience teaches us that the dual-study programmes are extremely popular. We suspect – once you have finished – you will want to stay. We look forward to it. 



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