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Work-Life Balance

Let’s face it, organising everything we have to do in life is not necessarily getting easier. So we do what we can to help out with our employees’ work-life balance. There are general ‘facilities’ that apply throughout the company, benefits that apply to all, and we will always try to accommodate any special needs you have. Just talk to us, and we’ll see what we can do. It’s one of the advantages of having an open, informal culture!

In general, we try to help where possible and feasible – and we offer individual solutions where we can. Life is busy enough as it is, filled with unexpected developments. The last thing you need is an employer who is inflexible and not willing to listen. We really want you to feel good working here – it’s good for you, and for us.

General benefits

  • Broadly speaking, we offer our employees flexi-time wherever the job allows. This means many of our staff can define when they work more flexibly.
  • Those working at headquarters can work from home when necessary – such as when they have a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, or need to be at home if someone’s coming round to read the meter, etc.
  • If you want to switch from full time to part-time, we’re willing to help. We’re especially keen to help out mothers returning to work after maternity leave so that both you and we gain. We have a childcare premium per child per month to help out when mothers or fathers start back at Sysmex.
  • Of course, we also help by offering flexible working times in the event that a family member needs special care or if a close family member passes away. These things are personal, so we don’t have a particular guideline for this case – it’s organised individually.
  • We have very generous healthcare guidelines, including company sports that are subsidised if you stick to your side of the bargain and turn up regularly!
  • Generally speaking, if you work at Sysmex you’re someone who is not happy sitting still, and want to keep learning. It’s just who we are… We offer broad opportunities for further growth.

Looking after your health

Everyone knows health matters to function properly. And we offer benefits accordingly in a broad health management package. Here are some of the details…

  • Get involved in an active lunch break twice each week – a trainer will get you moving and under supervision help you train back and stomach muscles for 15 minutes;
  • We have a dedicated massage room at headquarters. Just book your appointment and we’ll pay for part of your massage.
  • We have a dedicated sports room at headquarters with all sorts of machines for a good workout. It’s open all working hours;
  • If you don’t have time during the day, we offer all sorts of sports courses both at the office and in a local sports centre. Choose between Pilates, yoga, Zumba or even boxing, canoeing, cardio training, etc.), and more;


Health really matters to us – we’re in the business after all. Our health management programme is constantly evolving, and we encourage our staff to come up with new suggestions? Do you have an idea?

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