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WBC/BASO channel on XT-Series

The WBC/BASO channel records forward scattered light and side scattered light signals.

  • Forward scattered light, or FSC, provides information about the cell size
  • Side scattered light, or SSC, describes the internal cell structure.


An acidic reagent (stromatolyser-FB) lyses the red blood cells and shrinks white blood cells to bare nuclei, with the exception of basophils, which are not affected. The resulting differences between basophils and other cells are analysed using forward and side scatter information.

The WBC/BASO channel is not available on XS-Series analysers.

The WBC count in CBC mode on XS-Series is performed with the Stromatolyser-4 DL reagent. All red blood cells are lysed by this reagent in the WBC channel. The forward scatter signal is used to count the WBC. The results are displayed in a histogram. In the CBC+DIFF mode, the WBC count is taken from the fluorescence signals from the DIFF channel after treating the cells with Stromatolyser-4 DS (fluoromarker).

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